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Social Media Marketing in Jackson Tennessee

Social Media Marketing in Jackson Tennessee

Nobody Ever Reads My Blog


Why on earth would I write about Social Media Marketing in Jackson Tennessee? That’s a very good question. Let me explain how we got here…

There is a video that I am in that was made for theCo and about 3 seconds in you hear me say “I am A Social Media Guru” to add insult to injury the inflection on the words even sounds pretentious while also sounding mildly comical (but hey, who doesn’t hate the sound of their own voice). Social Media Guru… who talks like that?

Social Media Marketing in Jackson Tennessee

Think about it like this: If you walk around with a Varsity Letterman’s Jacket on nobody thinks much about it, walk into High School every day and yell “I can throw the ball further than all you losers.” you’re a pretentious douche… I guess the point is that sometimes titles suck. People ask me all the time “What do you do?” my general answer is “That’s complicated” or “anything for the right price” (insert Pretty Woman hooker jokes here). I do awesome things for awesome people. That’s what I really do. Naturally, people ask me how I know my clients are awesome. That’s the easiest question in the world to answer.

People who hire me are awesome because:

  • They realize that they needed help and were not afraid to admit it.
  • These business owners are trusting their idea and their business with me.
  • They are passionate.
  • They want to be a better version of themselves (or their business).

Admitting you can’t do something is a humbling experience (or so I’ve been told. I have no clue because I am good at everything I have ever done. Yes, that’s supposed to be a joke).

It takes a lot for someone to say that they don’t know how to do something and ask for help and that’s something I don’t take lightly at all. I give away more for free than I can ever sell to a customer and I am ok with that. If I can not build value for my customers in their minds before they pay me, I don’t want their money. I never want anyone to regret hiring me. And almost all of my business comes from word of mouth.

I Love To Give Back

I teach a free class once a month at theCo with two other great Social Media Marketers (Kevin Adelsberger & Duane Mangalindan). We routinely teach workshops for the general public that empowers them to do their own Social Media Marketing. It also at times allow them to realize they have no desire to do it themselves or even that they may have someone in their organization better suited to do it.

While the workshops I teach are not free they are more inexpensive than hiring me directly and can give someone a general idea of what to expect when working with me 1 on 1.

I’ve been doing social media since before it was a thing with a title.

Back when it was Myspace and even before that when it was message boards and purely “nerd stuff” back before it was cool and trendy or sexy and sophisticated to be doing it.

Social Media, is fun it’s a way to express yourself or get the word out about yourself, your business or your product.

Social Media Marketing in Jackson Tennessee, it’s what I do.

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