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How to kill it with Facebook Cover Videos

Facebook Cover Videos
Facebook Cover Videos are a thing now.  And, while I don’t know how long they will stick around, I do know that they can help you stand out from the competition.
How do I know that?
Because I saw one on a page and it prompted me to write this post. Which page? Oddly enough it’s a page I had never heard of before called Social Media Geek Out.
You see, I am not the kind of guy that gets all excited about every new feature that Facebook comes out with. I do not know how long it will be around or how great it’s impact will be and that bothers me because I have no desire to go work on something, and master it just for Mark Zuckerburg to pull it away as fast as he gave it to us. So, I wait. I wait until I see that it’s being done by enough people to stick around or until I find a way to be super unique with it and maybe I get to innovate a new tactic that others might deploy.
It sounds a bit lazy and I am ok with that. Ain’t nobody got time to be messing with Facebook Cover Videos if they are not going to be around long. With that being said, it appears that Facebook Cover Videos are no longer a concept they are here for the long run. After seeing what Social Media Geek Out did I looked for more examples and I came up with the following:
University of Michigan – As a Notre Dame Football fan, this one hurts but their video may be my favorite.
National Geographic – It’s just beautiful.
Buffer – I mean come on. There is drone footage…
DC Films – The Batman fan in me was glad that Marvel Studios dropped the ball on this.
ESPN –  I mean, should this be a surprise?

Facebook Cover Videos

There are plenty more examples but these are some of my favorites. Now that you know where the bar is set I expect you to go out and kick some ass with your own video, but we need to cover one more thing. The rules. See, this is where it gets tricky. The rules are not always easy to figure out but here goes everything I know.
Rule 1:
Cover videos should be 20 – 90 seconds.
Rule 2:
Cover videos should be at least 820 x 312 pixels.
Rule 3:
The recommended size is 820 x 462 pixels.
That’s it. I have nothing else to give. So go.
Go out and be awesome, and kick the competition’s ass today by doing the thing they are not doing.
Thanks for stopping by. Austin Out…
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Creating Better Content

Creating Better Content

Creating Better Content… Is Not Always Easy, but I will get back to that in just a minute. Working out of theCO has a lot of advantages, one such advantage is the fact that I get to work around some of the best people on the planet earth. Two people in particular recently prompted me to make a change for the better or at least so I hope… These two people are Katie Howerton and Kevin Adelsberger. Each of them in their own special way helped me to subconsciously decide to create better content by putting out better content.

Katie is the Editor In Chief of Our Jackson Home Magazine and Katies’ Instagram game is sick! She is great with stories and photos in general but she is also doing something called 1 Second Everyday. I had never heard of it before and when I saw a previous video that she posted I just thought it was something cool she did one day but after seeing her most recent video and traveling down the rabbit hole that this hashtags I realized it was a pretty big thing. There’s even an app that helps you create the videos. So after watching a video that consisted of 1 second of every day from her last month I was amazed at the simplicity of the idea and thought to myself that’s some damn good content. But, when you consider the fact that I am lucky to know what room my phone is combined with the fact that I have never been a video guy it may be cool but it’s not my thing. So while I enjoy consuming the content she puts out, it’s not really on brand for me so I will settle for being inspired by her work while finding a better way to create better content.

Create Better Content - Thompson Industries - Austin Thompson

Kevin is basically good at everything. That’s why I hate him… I’m just kidding, he’s so nice he even lets me teach a meet-up with him once a month called CO:mmunicate. He also does video, kills it on Twitter and he also has a blog. Kevin does a video EVERYDAY… he takes snippets of his day and he makes a video. EVERY SINGLE DAY… He was originally inspired by Garyvee and his DailyVee Show. It goes along with the whole idea of documenting and not creating. It allows your content to feel real and not an artificial. It also ensures it will not come off as forced or awfully produced. One of the highlights of my day is trying to work my way into his videos every now and then but I’m no A.J. Massey.

So Kevin and Katie both do these phenomenal things on the Internet with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They both create content that is usable in more than one place, and it’s really, really good. They’ve gotten themselves into the habit of doing it, so I’ve decided that I’m going to get myself in the habit to create better content by writing a blog post a day.

I’m going to say a blog a day and then quickly amend that statement. I’m a busy guy with kids and two companies I manage on a daily basis. I’ll put out a blog post on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I am going to try and knock out the rest of 2018 with awesome blog content which will be good for my website. It will also be good for me and hopefully good for you guys. I mean, the whole end game is to create better content for at least one person out there who enjoys it. I don’t even care if you enjoy, it if you read it and dislike it and come back at it with a valid point, I’m OK with listening to it. Maybe it creates a conversation, maybe it inspires somebody to do something. Maybe I will be your Katie or Kevin…

I’m very bad about doing content for myself so I’m going to try and spend 2018 being more of the “follow my own advice person”. As opposed to doing classes and putting out stuff and saying: “hey, do this”.

I’m going to lead by example, which has always been difficult for me. While I am good at ideas and I’m good at doing things for people that hire me.

I am terrible at doing things for myself.

I once had a website, my website was up for roughly six or eight months and the entire website consisted of the words I’m too busy doing cool things for the people to work on my own website, if you need my services here’s my email address, here’s my phone number – call me or email me. It worked very well for a while. I could put it back up and it would work just as well but I want to be the guy who leads by example. Not that I care about being judged but I want to evolve, I want to get better.

Thanks a lot for your time, I hope that from here on out to provide good content if you have ideas or questions if you have things that you want me to write about or discuss then hit me up on whatever social media format you found this.Post a comment somewhere or send me an email, and we’ll see what happens.

Good luck in 2018. And as always, Be the Good.

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A Blog Post A Day | #austinsblogaday

A Blog Post A Day

I have decided I am going to write a blog post a day in order to get better at not only creating content but also sharing it with the world.

A Blog Post A Day?

Yup. I said A Blog Post A Day. This will be one part bettering myself and one part (hopefully…) bettering you the reader. I have come to realize that I say a fairly good amount of seemingly smart things each day. But, then I forget to document them or share them with people. For the most part, when I talk it sounds like an episode of Family Guy. Then there are days when I hit on a good idea or say something that may benefit someone. I have always said, “I give away more for free than I will ever sell someone”. I would like this to hold true as long as I am around doing social media for myself and my customers or even just teaching it.

When you make something no one hates no one loves it. Tibor Kalman


I read that quote once and it kind of stuck with me. It was one of those annoying Facebook posts. Posted by one of those even more annoying people on your timeline.

You know the one I am talking about. Don’t play dumb with me lol.

I have always wanted to use it and this feels as good a time as any since people may actually hate this. And for the record, I am not sure how long I will be able to keep it up or if it will be any good but I am going to give it the old college try. With as many different articles as I have found on the subject, some for a blog a day and some against a blog a day; it appears to be a scrutinized practice for some reason but I look at it like this:

Option A – People Read It

Option B – People Read It AND Like It

Option C – People Hate It

Either scenario I learn something and that is at the least a positive for me. I am going to do the best job I possibly can to make this a success for me and for you; after all, without readers, I am just some gas bag bloviating all over the internet. I will explain the motivation behind my idea to do this in tomorrows blog post. This is just the announcement of my upcoming #blogaday tomorrow brings the story of inspiration.

So, until next time.

Be the Good! 😉


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2017 Social Media Bold Predictions

Ladies and Gentleman, I present my 2017 Social Media Bold Predictions!Let me first say, I am totally cheating by writing this article 44 days into the year. It’s February 14th and I am writing an article about Bold Predictions for 2017… it would have been far more risky to do this on January 1st or sometime in December. But, there are 2 problems with that:

  • This article was unthought of it until Kevin Adelsberger and myself began discussing ideas for this month’s edition of CO:mmunicate.
  • I DO NOT do risky, I do SMART. I’m too lazy to be risky but that is a subject for another day. 😉
Photo by – Samuel Zeller

2017 Social Media Bold Predictions

I’m either gonna be right or I am gonna be wrong but I am going all in. I believe all of these to be true no matter how ridiculous they may sound. So, in no particular order, here we go…



Your timeline will look noticeably different by the end of the year. There will be a lot more ads but the ads will all fit better with your likes and interests so hopefully, it’s less annoying.

The Facebook Police become much more dominant but one the plus side of Facebook oppression will be less fake news. Until the fake news ninjas find a new way to spread their B.S. to the world.



Twitter Pivots or Reinvents itself. Again… (Twitter was originally an audio platform called Odeo)

I am not sure how it will pivot, maybe they will become much more video-heavy or they will become a defacto news outlet of sorts.

Twitter is your drunk uncle. You love him and you really want him to get better. But there is no helping it in its current state. It kind of needs an intervention.

I highly doubt that Jack Dorsey will be running it by the year’s end. I have nothing against the guy I just think they will need a new leader to get them to the next stage.



Instagram will become more like Twitter going to a status like way of updating and also limiting the number of characters per post.

That’s all I’ve got for them. Something else will happen but it’s hard to tell what. The easy way out is to simply say that they are going to keep copying Snapchat because that is what they are doing already.



Will introduce some sort of streaming video. You’ll be able to watch select shows on Snapchat and maybe even snap while watching it.

Live Video is the new boy band of social media and everyone’s going to ride it until the next big trend comes around.


Linked In

Will make a push to be more social. It will become more like the existing Facebook as Facebook makes the changes that it is going to make.

Side note. I hate LinkedIn so if it dies tomorrow I won’t be upset about it.



R.I.P. Google+

Thank Freaking God…

I mean, does anyone besides old guys looking for love in all the wrong places and Android developers still use Google+? Come on Google, just take it out back and have it look at the flowers already.



Pinterest will introduce Video. Yup, taking the easy way out again.

If they do this, it’s going to be a big deal in my opinion.


2017 Social Media Bold Predictions – Facebook Again…

Facebook will begin the process of getting rid of the “Desktop Version” as we now know it. I have been saying this one for awhile. So I am eventually going to be right. Right?


2017 Social Media Bold Predictions



Here are my 2017 Social Media Bold Predictions Honorable Mentions. These are just some random predictions made about non-social media related things. This is purely for shits and Giggles. LOL


Daytona 500

Dale Earnhardt Jr (Man was I wrong about this one…)



Pittsburgh Steelers win and Ben Roethlisberger rides off into the sunset like the Great John Elway.

*I started this before NFL Free and still think the Steelers have an excellent chance but if I had it to pick all over again knowing what I know now. I would pick the NY Giants to win which hurts because I hate Eli Manning.


World Series

Texas Rangers


The Masters

Bubba Watson Wins


Austin Out. 


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Social Media Marketing in Jackson Tennessee

Social Media Marketing in Jackson Tennessee


Why on earth would I write about Social Media Marketing in Jackson Tennessee? That’s a very good question. Let me explain how we got here…

There is a video that I am in that was made for theCo and about 3 seconds in you hear me say “I am A Social Media Guru” to add insult to injury the inflection on the words even sounds pretentious while also sounding mildly comical (but hey, who doesn’t hate the sound of their own voice). Social Media Guru… who talks like that?

Social Media Marketing in Jackson Tennessee

Think about it like this: If you walk around with a Varsity Letterman’s Jacket on nobody thinks much about it, walk into High School every day and yell “I can throw the ball further than all you losers.” you’re a pretentious douche… I guess the point is that sometimes titles suck. People ask me all the time “What do you do?” my general answer is “That’s complicated” or “anything for the right price” (insert Pretty Woman hooker jokes here). I do awesome things for awesome people. That’s what I really do. Naturally, people ask me how I know my clients are awesome. That’s the easiest question in the world to answer.

People who hire me are awesome because:

  • They realize that they needed help and were not afraid to admit it.
  • These business owners are trusting their idea and their business with me.
  • They are passionate.
  • They want to be a better version of themselves (or their business).

Admitting you can’t do something is a humbling experience (or so I’ve been told. I have no clue because I am good at everything I have ever done. Yes, that’s supposed to be a joke).

It takes a lot for someone to say that they don’t know how to do something and ask for help and that’s something I don’t take lightly at all. I give away more for free than I can ever sell to a customer and I am ok with that. If I can not build value for my customers in their minds before they pay me, I don’t want their money. I never want anyone to regret hiring me. And almost all of my business comes from word of mouth.

I Love To Give Back

I teach a free class once a month at theCo with two other great Social Media Marketers (Kevin Adelsberger & Duane Mangalindan). We routinely teach workshops for the general public that empowers them to do their own Social Media Marketing. It also at times allow them to realize they have no desire to do it themselves or even that they may have someone in their organization better suited to do it.

While the workshops I teach are not free they are more inexpensive than hiring me directly and can give someone a general idea of what to expect when working with me 1 on 1.

I’ve been doing social media since before it was a thing with a title.

Back when it was Myspace and even before that when it was message boards and purely “nerd stuff” back before it was cool and trendy or sexy and sophisticated to be doing it.

Social Media, is fun it’s a way to express yourself or get the word out about yourself, your business or your product.

Social Media Marketing in Jackson Tennessee, it’s what I do.

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