Austin Thompson

## About Austin Thompson

Austin Thompson is a multi-talented individual who has made significant contributions to theCO, Jackson, TN’s Regional Innovation Hub. He is the CEO of Thompson Industries, a company specializing in social media marketing and small business consulting, and also runs Random Pieces of Wood, a business that crafts laser engraved gifts. Austin’s passion for theCO is evident in his various roles, including being a board member, a dedicated member, and an ambassador for the organization in the community[1][2].

### Early Involvement with theCO

Austin’s journey with theCO began five years ago when he first discovered the building and became curious about its purpose. He attended theCO’s “Bring Your Own Business” workshop, where he met a client who needed help with social media. In their first meeting, Austin earned enough to cover a month’s membership, and he has been a member ever since[1].

### Contributions to theCO

As a member of theCO, Austin has been involved in various activities and initiatives. He has led multiple Meetups, including the recently launched “Vets in Business,” which aims to develop a community for veterans and provide them with personal or entrepreneurial resources[2]. Austin is known for his charisma, dedication, and willingness to help out around theCO, earning him the nickname “the best unpaid intern at theCO”[1].

### Social Media Marketing and Small Business Consulting

Through Thompson Industries, Austin offers social media marketing and small business consulting services. His expertise in these areas has been invaluable to theCO and its members, as he helps businesses navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing and develop effective strategies for growth[2].

### Laser Engraved Gifts and Random Pieces of Wood

Austin’s second business, Random Pieces of Wood, was started while he was at theCO. This venture focuses on crafting laser engraved gifts, which are made and sold from theCO’s premises. The combination of Austin’s creativity and theCO’s resources has allowed him to turn his passion for woodworking into a successful business[1].

### Community Involvement

In addition to his work at theCO, Austin is actively involved in the Jackson community. He has been a valuable asset to theCO, and his position as a board member is another opportunity for him to serve and contribute to the organization’s growth and success[2].


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