I have decided I am going to write a blog post a day in order to get better at not only creating content but also sharing it with the world.

A Blog Post A Day?

Yup. I said A Blog Post A Day. This will be one part bettering myself and one part (hopefully…) bettering you the reader. I have come to realize that I say a fairly good amount of seemingly smart things each day. But, then I forget to document them or share them with people. For the most part, when I talk it sounds like an episode of Family Guy. Then there are days when I hit on a good idea or say something that may benefit someone. I have always said, “I give away more for free than I will ever sell someone”. I would like this to hold true as long as I am around doing social media for myself and my customers or even just teaching it.

When you make something no one hates no one loves it. Tibor Kalman


I read that quote once and it kind of stuck with me. It was one of those annoying Facebook posts. Posted by one of those even more annoying people on your timeline.

You know the one I am talking about. Don’t play dumb with me lol.

I have always wanted to use it and this feels as good a time as any since people may actually hate this. And for the record, I am not sure how long I will be able to keep it up or if it will be any good but I am going to give it the old college try. With as many different articles as I have found on the subject, some for a blog a day and some against a blog a day; it appears to be a scrutinized practice for some reason but I look at it like this:

Option A – People Read It

Option B – People Read It AND Like It

Option C – People Hate It

Either scenario I learn something and that is at the least a positive for me. I am going to do the best job I possibly can to make this a success for me and for you; after all, without readers, I am just some gas bag bloviating all over the internet. I will explain the motivation behind my idea to do this in tomorrows blog post. This is just the announcement of my upcoming #blogaday tomorrow brings the story of inspiration.

So, until next time.

Be the Good! 😉


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