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2017 Social Media Bold Predictions

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Ladies and Gentleman, I present my 2017 Social Media Bold Predictions!Let me first say, I am totally cheating by writing this article 44 days into the year. It’s February聽14th and I am writing an article about Bold Predictions for 2017… it would have been far more risky to do this on January 1st or sometime in December. But, there are 2 problems with that:

  • This article was unthought of it until Kevin Adelsberger and myself began discussing ideas for this month’s edition of CO:mmunicate.
  • I DO NOT do risky, I do SMART. I’m too lazy to be risky but that is a subject for another day. 馃槈

Photo by – Samuel Zeller

2017 Social Media Bold Predictions

I’m either gonna be right or I am gonna be wrong but I am going all in. I believe all of these to be true no matter how ridiculous聽they may sound. So, in no particular order, here we go…



Your timeline will look noticeably different by the end of the year. There will be a lot more ads but the ads will all fit better with your likes and interests so hopefully, it’s less annoying.

The Facebook Police become much more dominant聽but one the plus side of Facebook oppression聽will be less fake news. Until the fake news ninjas find a new way to spread their B.S. to the world.



Twitter Pivots or Reinvents itself. Again… (Twitter was originally an audio platform called Odeo)

I am not sure how it will pivot, maybe they will become much more video-heavy聽or they聽will become a defacto news outlet of sorts.

Twitter is your drunk uncle. You love him and you really want him to get better. But there is no helping it in its current state. It kind of needs an intervention.

I highly doubt that Jack Dorsey will be running it by the year’s end. I have nothing against the guy I just think they will need a new leader to get them to the next stage.



Instagram will become more like Twitter going to a status like way of updating and also limiting the聽number of characters per post.

That’s all I’ve got for them. Something else will happen but it’s hard to tell what. The easy way out is to simply say that they are going to keep copying Snapchat because that is what they are doing already.



Will introduce some sort of streaming video. You’ll be able to watch select shows on Snapchat and maybe even snap while watching it.

Live聽Video is the new boy band of social media and everyone’s going to ride it until the next big trend comes around.


Linked In

Will make a push to be more social. It will become more like the existing Facebook as Facebook makes the changes that it is going to make.

Side note. I hate LinkedIn so if it dies tomorrow I won’t be upset about it.



R.I.P. Google+

Thank Freaking God…

I mean, does anyone besides old guys looking for love in all the wrong places and Android developers still use Google+? Come on Google, just take it out back and have it look at the flowers already.



Pinterest will introduce Video. Yup, taking the easy way out again.

If they do this, it’s going to be a big deal in my opinion.


2017 Social Media Bold Predictions – Facebook Again…

Facebook will begin the process of getting rid of the “Desktop Version” as we now know it. I have been saying this one for awhile. So I am eventually going to be right. Right?


2017 Social Media Bold Predictions



Here are my 2017 Social Media Bold Predictions Honorable Mentions. These are just some random predictions made about non-social聽media related things. This聽is purely for shits and Giggles. LOL


Daytona 500

Dale Earnhardt Jr (Man was I wrong about this one…)



Pittsburgh Steelers win and Ben Roethlisberger rides off into the sunset like the Great John Elway.

*I started this before NFL Free and still think the Steelers have an excellent chance but if I had it to pick all over again knowing what I know now. I would pick the NY Giants to win which hurts because I hate Eli Manning.


World Series

Texas Rangers


The Masters

Bubba Watson Wins


Austin Out.聽


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